Book Review: The Stranger in the Woods

The Extraordinary Story of the Last True Hermit. By: Michael Finkel. Check it out here. When I come across recommended book lists or friend recommendations I add them to my reading list on Amazon and that's usually how I decide what to read next. I also like to use the app/website Good Reads. They recommend books to you... Continue Reading →


i’ll be okay.

It kind of feels like I faked the past 6 weeks. You go from one day behaving as a pregnant lady and then the next day you're able to go back to drinking, eating poke bowls, and not having to stop what your doing every hour to hold back the gags of nausea from your... Continue Reading →

maybe timing isn’t everything.

There is no baby. Kelly, there is no baby.  I spent my 3 day weekend home alone, repeating this mantra to myself. Unless you want to count my two dogs as being there for me. President's weekend was my husband's family and close group of friends 20th annual trip to the desert. I've only been around since... Continue Reading →

Book Review: All The Bright Places

By: Jennifer Niven. Check is out here. If you go look this book up somewhere it will likely compare the book to John Green's, "The Fault In Ours Stars". I don't think this is entirely accurate, but that's just my personal opinion because I didn't like, "The Fault In Our Stars", but I loved this book.... Continue Reading →

being human. human being.

Sometimes it is good to talk about things that are hard to talk about. Sometimes it is good to talk about things that never get talked about. Sometimes that helps validate that it actually happened, that other people were there for it too. Sometimes that makes it all feel a little bit more normal. Sometimes... Continue Reading →

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